The minaret is an essential architectural element of the great classical mosques. It is from the top of this tower that we call believers to prayer.
The minaret rises majestically in the center of the south facade, on a height of 200 m2 and a surface area of 625 m2.
 It is equipped with a rapid lift with a capacity of 12 people and can reach the top of the building in less than a minute, and a staircase leading to projections. The facades of the minaret are decorated with marble arranged in the form of lace set with zellije.
The minaret is culminated by a jamour of 15.5 m in height and weighing 3,700 kg. This jamour is composed of three balls measuring respectively 3.80 m, 2.50 m and 1.60 m in diameter. The large ball emits a laser beam with a range of 30 kilometers oriented towards Mecca (the qibla).