Since the inauguration of Hassan II Mosque in 1993, its management, conservation and maintenance were ensured by the Urban Agency of Casablanca until 2010. However, the daily administration of this major cultural and religious building, together with its current and future activities, has shown that it is imperative to establish a legal structure of administration, management and good governance.
This institution, whose legal status must offer flexibility in governance, combined with the concern for efficiency and effectiveness in management, is the most appropriate for the administration and management of Hassan II Mosque. This model of institution is embodied by a Foundation that presents all the guarantees necessary to ensure the durability and development of this building and its outbuildings.

It was thus decided in 2009 to create, under the Honorary Presidency of His Majesty, a non-profit and public utility foundation with legal personality and financial autonomy, named "Fondation de la Mosquée Hassan II de Casablanca " (Casablanca Hassan II Mosque Foundation) in accordance with the provisions of Dahir No. 14.09.1 published on January 21, 2009.

  • 1986: Start of works of construction of Hassan II Mosque and its outbuildings
  • 1993: Inauguration of Hassan II Mosque
  • 2009: Creation of Hassan II Mosque Foundation following Dahir N ° 14.09.1
  • 2010: Effective establishment of the Foundation and inauguration of the Media library
  • 2012: Inauguration of the Academy of Traditional Arts